Using Twitter For Business: Why You Should Be Limited to Five Tweets a Day

I’ve found that most people using Twitter for business purposes fall into three categories:

1. They hate it
2. They love it
3. They understand that it has value, but can’t figure it out

While you may fall into one of those categories, I’ve quickly found that a lot of people that “love it” are using it for the wrong reasons. On the surface, using Twitter for business reasons does seem like a great idea. You can easily get thousands (sometimes even tens of thousands) of followers very easily, and blast short little promotion messages for your businesses or product.

The problem is, a lot of these little tweets are lost in the shuffle of everyone else mass posting their messages. Everyone is taking advantage of the ability to spam their brand out there, making it hard for anyone’s message to be heard.

In the last two minutes (since I started this article) there are about 30 new tweets in my newsfeed. I would literally have to be on Twitter all day in order for me to get through all of the tweets, and even then it would be a challenge (with clicking on links, reading the articles, etc). My personal research confirms the fact that tweets are often lost in the shuffle.

I’ve been burned by social networking websites in the past, so I spend a lot of time trying out different methods to figure out how a website actually works. I carefully track my inbound website traffic and link clicking, trying to find out what is working and what isn’t working (or if this is even a website that can benefit me). I found out right away that mass tweeting didn’t increase me inbound traffic at all. I tested all the way from once an hour, to once a day, and my good traffic (people who stayed on my website more than 1-10 seconds) didn’t increase at all.

This is where the five tweets a day idea comes along. I quickly found out that more than 90% of my inbound website links (good ones that is) came after I used direct messages and @ tagging to connect with people. As I began to talk to people (and show and interest in THEIR company or being) my website traffic began to grow. People made a point of checking back on my tweets, and it wasn’t a gamble on whether or not a tweet would be read.

I know that I might get hate mail from John Mayer or Lady GaGa, but I truly believe that limiting users to five tweets a day will stop a lot of the massive spam on Twitter, and force people to focus on connecting with their followers. Tweets will start to be read more often, and you’ll see a lot of the invaluable followers disappear. Even though it is a micro blogging website, Twitter is still a social networking site. Meaning, that even though you’re using twitter for business reasons, you still need to be social out there, and not just load up tons of tweets to unleash on the unsuspecting world.