The Sales Floor Shuffle

The store is packed. Customers and questions seem to be coming at you from all angles. You feel like you are in the middle of it all, being pulled in seven different directions at the same time. Where did all of these customers even come from? You have sweater lady looking for a gift for her son, Captain Toupee who has no idea what he wants, and Mr. Weekend Warrior looking at skis. How do you manage them all? It’s time to start doing the sales floor shuffle. All you need to know are the right steps. The first step is to relax and hear the music. This music is the combined rhythm of your customers’ chatter and the music playing over the store’s speakers. Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to have the right frame of mind to juggle this crowd. Your ability to mentally step back from it all will fill you with the confidence you need to handle the situation. After all, you know and love your product, and you have eager, interested customers waiting to talk to you.

The second step is to step quickly and lightly. Heavy-footed people can’t dance, and they don’t make good salespeople either. You need to “float like a butterfly,” making sure to touch each and every customer within your range. Without you, your customers will drown in the chaos of sifting through products and wandering aimlessly. Your contact with your customer gives them a breath of air. To effectively be in multiple places at the same time, excuse yourself from one for a moment to check in with your other customers. However, make sure not to leave anyone underwater too long. How long is too long? Every customer and situation is different. Use your intuition as a guide, you’ve been shopping before and you understand how long is too long. Be sharp, be alert, and keep on your toes. The final step is to find a unique way to remember everybody you speak with. Use a memory hook to remember which conversations go with which people. Don’t try to memorize names and faces during this pandemonium, just remember the characteristics that are easy to remember.

Instead of thinking “middle-aged woman with brunette hair,” think of her as “sweater lady.” You are keeping these less-than-flattering names to yourself, so have some fun with it. Use this same process for Captain Toupee who doesn’t know what he wants and Mr. Weekend Warrior looking at skis. You’ll be able to remember much more about your customers, the products they are looking at, and the conversation and recommendations you have already made with them if you remember them uniquely. Doing the sales floor shuffle is all about having fun while you juggle your customers. Relax and hear the music, float like a butterfly, and remember your customers by hanging your conversations on the most memorable feature of that customer. Soon, you’ll find yourself in perfect harmony with the customers in the store. You’ll glide through the potential chaos with the ease of the sales floor shuffle.