The Art of Connection – The Essential Key For Business and Personal Success

As a Life Coach and Trainer, I keenly observe how what I teach thousands of others, also provides opportunities for growth in my own life as well. 
Yesterday was a memorable for many reasons – one of them being that I met my neighbor for the first time. She pulled up to our farm wearing a big smile and carrying a massive flowering plant as an introduction.  In my usual style, I gave her and her daughter a warm hug, secretly wishing that I had acted on my original impulse the week before to welcome them to the neighborhood. But my reasons for not doing so had all made so much sense.  I had just arrived home from a four-week trip, the tractor had broken down, I had meetings planned with the architect and contractor for the new home we’re building, Michelle needed to purchase a new car after my brother had rolled hers down a mountain, my boys were wanting to go on a new adventure, and I still had two courses to write and what seemed like hundreds of calls to make. The list did not end there, however I think you get my point on how preoccupied I was!
How Many Opportunities to Connect are Being Missed?
Even though the thought of going next door and starting that unknown journey kept wandering through my mind, I simply did not do so. As I sat down to write this article I began to think of how my story with my new neighbor Kim is probably indicative of how so many of us have an endless opportunity to connect with the people that pass through our lives, but don’t. How often do we experience a fleeting thought to connect and share a bit of our time, but quickly dismiss it and relegate it to the bottom of a list of chores, right behind cleaning out the kitty litter? These chores keep us safely behind our desks shuffling papers or making calls that are so familiar in nature that they go on and on, eating through our precious time and keeping us happily distracted from connecting with someone new, which could potentially enrich and forever change both our lives in ways we can’t yet foresee?
Often through a seemingly insignificant action of initiating a conversation, of going first, of reaching out to a stranger, a new adventure is born.  An adventure whose destination is still unknown and whose memories are etched into the fabric of the unfolding story of my life. As I think now of many of my closest friends who have somehow woven themselves into the tapestry of my life, my mind floods with the memories that we have created together, the vibrancy and color that they have added to the chapters of my living story. I think back to the exact moment that we first met, the very second that one of us reached out to the other and decided to go first, giving permission for the other to follow.  I chuckle now at the prospect of how many possible friends or business acquaintances I have missed along the way because of some impending minor crisis or paper shuffling distraction, as I hid behind my desk. 
Learning the Art of Connection
As my new neighbor Kim and I chatted casually in my kitchen, I picked up a deep sense of relief that we had both scored a home run in the “great neighbor” category, as if it were pre-destined that we would indeed become good friends. Many people are looking for a deeper connection to others, to their own life, and are in physical and financial pain, desperately searching for an answer.  Some are simply looking for a new and exciting adventure that will bring a greater sense of contribution and purpose to their lives, and some will become close friends and you’ll both be forever grateful you took the time to put your chores and papers aside to simply connect. From their, the magic naturally unfolds.
Your pathway to success in all areas of your life begins with your ability to connect with others and have them connect with you.  In this age of cell phones and text messaging, our ability to deeply connect with others has been eroded to the extent that many social and business settings can make people feel uncomfortable, clumsy and even isolated. Are you finding that this loss of connection in your life is costing you financially, emotionally and physically?  What about the most important connection of all, your connection to Self, which is crucial to laying the foundation for a rich, vibrant and successful life and business? 
Every day is a journey of person-to-person communication and heartfelt connections, bursting with potential and opportunity for deeper personal and business success that impacts the tapestry of your life.