So, What is it That You Do With All Those Business Cards After the Networking Event

Business cards are my lifeblood for new business. In the networking world, if you are at an event then you will probably exchange business cards with your new business acquaintances. Your initial contact is very important. The impression you make with your appearance, your business card and questions you ask make an important impact on your contacts and leave on the event.

After the event what do you do with those cards and those connections? Do you forget them in your jacket/pants pocket? Do you put them in your desk? A week later after you shuffle through them do you put them at the back of your desk? A month later, after you still haven’t done anything about re-connecting, do the cards get moved into your top desk drawer? Maybe another month will go by before you move them to the back of the drawer or into a box under your desk. At this point why didn’t you throw them away when you left the event and save yourself the time and effort of shuffling the cards around your desk?

Instead of shuffling those business cards, why not connect with your new acquaintances. The connection should be on a level that you and your new contact are comfortable with. A very formal relationship may be appropriate or a very casual connection may be the better way to gain the solid footing you need to build business partners.

When you make that connection do you have a way to remember where or when you met these new contacts? Do you remember the interesting facts about these people? Have you made notes on the back of their business card to remind yourself of these facts and their interests?

If you answered no to these questions you have a fabulous memory. The notes on the back of the card are helpful for the rest of us. Those notes can clarify the type of business you would like to conduct or personal information that is important to your contact.

After you connect with your new business contacts do you have a way to glue the relationship together? Joe Girard, The Greatest Salesman in the World according to Guinness Book of World Records, James Ray a Motivational Speaker and Author, and Ivan Misner, CEO and Founder of BNI (Business Network International) have a simple solution. Send your clients a personal greeting card.

The greeting card should be a personal card. Selling your business in the greeting card is not a way to glue that new relationship. What simpler way to connect with your new networking contact than a heart felt greeting? Give yourself an edge on your competition. If many influential people send greeting cards to their contacts, why shouldn’t you? Why don’t you?