Read This Article if You Want an iPod Shuffle for Christmas

Since you are reading this article either you really want a new iPod for Christmas or you want to buy a new iPod as a gift for that special someone. Either way you are not alone as the new iPods are as popular is the new Microsoft Xbox 360. So, what does all this mean during this busy Christmas Buying Season? It means many versions maybe out of stock and you maybe limited to which iPod units are still available.

The iPod Shuffle, which comes with a 1Gigabyte hard drive is sold out at the Apple online e-commerce website. There is a message, which says they will be available in the middle of January, which obviously is problematic for the Christmas Gift that everyone wants. Apple is also coming out with the Intel iBook and another smaller version of the iPod Shuffle. For now if you want an iPod Shuffle you may find a few left at Target or Best Buy, but if you do not move fast you will be SOL. You may want to choose a 512 Megabyte version of the iPod, which seem to be plentiful enough. The iPod Shuffle is preferred of course due to its amplifier stage, which is much better than other iPod versions. The iPod Shuffle also makes it easy to transfer your songs using the “Shuttle database builder” utility program. Here is how;

If you want the iPod Shuffle, you need to act fast as suppies are limited and new shipments will not be available until sometime in Mid-January, think on this.